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Welcome to Richards Klein Inc.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior quality, service and value.


Advanced Technology

Metal Forming


We offer a complete range of welding capabilities including MIG, TIG and Spot Welding. We can weld aluminum, steel or stainless steel, as well as exotic metals. Precision fixtures can be made so your high tolerances can be maintained.

We utilize a number of different press brakes that allow us to process precision formed parts. Whether it's close tolerance radii, curves, or bump bending, our trained associates combined with our advanced equipment enables us to perform some of the most challenging sheet metal bends

Plasma cutting technology has revolutionized the metal fabrication industry by eliminating the need to invest time and money building customized tools to facilitate the production of accurate parts.

Custom Metal Fabrication : Tanks - Hoppers - Conveyors and more... 

You can expect our Project Managers to provide the individualized personal service that comes with custom job shop work.

We understand each project is unique and treat each one as individual as you.



Our Team


The construction time frame was compressed, the work area was congested, and the project schedule required off shift and overtime work.


Richards Klein worked through these project challenges, and helped make this project a success.

We are proud of our team!


Each member is committed to providing the individual service that our projects deserve.

A Happy Owner / Client

The guys have been great following rules and safety.  


Richards-Klein Sheet Metal has been raising their standards to keep up with our complex everchanging industry.  Your flexibility to deliver has been very well received